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Fritz Kater (D)
Armin Petras (D)
Dance! (Tanzen!)
An industrial soap opera
63% Theatre
37% Literature

There are moments when you think you heart feels like it will burst. Hackneyed, corny, awkward and somehow perfectly simple and genuine. You think you can feel something and you are sure that it can only be a trap. A trick.
Armin Petras' productions deploy such moments with great precision, moments at which everything suddenly emerges from all the chaos and racket congeals and focuses. Sometimes it is just a clumsy movement of the hand, a sudden turn of the head, clutching at nothing, a look perhaps, a shrug, standing still. And the gravitation of the piece, the figure, has suddenly changed, and you think you can see deep down, you think you can see, make out, understand something.
Although the author Fritz Kater is biologically identical to Armin Petras, in other respects he is independent and sometimes not even particularly similar to him. In the industrial soap opera "Dance!", Kater - who received the Mülheimer playwright prize among others - takes a rather merciless look at three employees of a biotech company and at the control mechanisms, surveillance and power games of everyday life: Bernie, an emotionally inhibited supervisor, has the task of eliminating the human disruptive potential Inga because she refuses to sign away all her employee rights. At the same time, he is above all preoccupied with chatting up the pretty, young, sporty, ambitious Sandra, who, however, doesn't have time for such trifling matters, being well on the way to the executive floor …
Just before Armin Petras takes over as director of the Berlin Maxim Gorki theatre, he is staging Kater's science fiction from the near future with an outstanding cast in Graz.

Co-produced by Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin & steirischer herbst


Fri 22/09, 19.30
Sat 23/09, 19.30
Sun 24/09, 19.30


Talk following the second performance

Theater im Palais
Armin Petras

Fritz Kater

Stage / Costumes
Susanne Schuboth

Carmen Wolfram

Yvon Jansen, Nicolette Krebitz & Peter Moltzen