steirischer herbst
Klaus Lang (A)
Additional performance! Fri 06/10 09.00 p.m.
10% Performance
23% Installation
67% Music

Listen to an orchestra while lying down, an orchestra playing live and yet remaining invisible, producing sounds so gentle and graceful that listening lying down becomes an act of free-floating concentration - as if it were about the old demand of Enlightenment that artistic practice refine human nature. At the same time, "fichten" is a performance that dissolves middle-class orchestra concert rituals into a performance-based sound installation. The music of Graz-based composer Klaus Lang, interpreted by the recreation - GROSSES ORCHESTER Graz in a setting created by Claudia Doderer, explores the whole range of acoustic possibilities of the Helmut List Hall.

musikprotokoll 2006

Commissioned by steirischer herbst & musikprotokoll 2006
Co-operation MaerzMusik & Berliner Festspiele

Th 05/10, 19.30, 21.00
Fr 06/10, 19.30, 21.00

recreation - GROSSES ORCHESTER Graz

Rupert Huber

Setting / light
Claudia Doderer