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save or delete
Mobile phone photo competition and web gallery
29% Visual Arts
40% Competition

Do the mobile phone cameras we carry all the time influence the icongraphy of our time in a similar way to the way the typing of sms has produced new elements of speech?
"save or delete" attempts to find out what adolescents photograph with their mobile phone cameras and what images they consider good or poor. The point is to create a document of the times, a collection of images that would otherwise be deleted without a thought.
"save or delete" is an internet gallery and a competition for young people between twelve and seventeen. Starting October 1st, images can be rated and those with the most votes are awarded a prize, the others deleted for good.

"save or delete" website

Project sponsor A1, mobilkom austria

from Mon 11/09
Upload of pictures

01/10 - 11/10

Fri 13/10, 18.00
Finissage and party
Festival centre

Lydia Anstiss (A/CAN) & Andrea Fischer (A/D)