steirischer herbst
Haiko Pfost / Club Real (D/A)
35% Performance
15% Visual Arts
15% Film
35% Action

Welcome to a far-away land, oh homeland. “CAMPSHOW Styria” is centre and periphery, monad and total art work, everyday life and state of emergency, city and countryside. Five caravans will become mobile centres for actions and stories as of September 23. Five unique models – conceived, designed and utilised by very different artists – will drive around Styria for three weeks, stopping off at more than twenty towns and places.

The caravans will keep coming back to Graz, with one of them giving its big performance on the show ramp outside the steirischer herbst festival centre every day. In the seventeen unique shows featuring captivating host duo “Billy and Joejim”, surprise guests from the world of research, politics and the international caravan scene, Club Real presents the events and adventures of the caravans on their grand journeys.

CHEAP + Vaginal Davis (GER/USA)
Nobody's gonna stop me on my path to glory!

Together with Vaginal Davis from L.A., the artist group CHEAP is bringing “a little old time religion” to Styria. For this purpose they have converted their caravan into a mystic swimming pool, that they will be filling up with the local fire brigade and turning into a centre for lavish “revivals”. In their performances, that oscillate between Hollywood water ballet and Communist awakening sermons, CHEAP and Vaginal Davis play with the whole repertoire of off-beat trans-gender performances.

Doris Dziersk (GER)
The Green Ambulance

Doris Dziersk transforms her caravan into a mobile greenhouse. For her, the flowerpot is the equivalent of the caravan or travelling plant. On her trip around Styria, she gathers potted plants – that people can hand over to her – that are willing to embark on a journey, cataloguing them together with the personal stories of their former owners. She presents her charges regularly at a growing garden show with the aim of giving lonely potted plants a new home.

Benjamin Förster-Baldenius (GER)

As a performing architect, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius will be carrying out a spectacular conversion of his caravan. Equipped with an inflatable dome, his caravan will become a mobile planetarium. On his journey, he will join radio-maker Anna Katharina Laggner to gather stories that can turn night into day in the form of constellations and radio plays. While during the day they will be building projector heads and collecting stories, at night it will be possible to select an individual programme from a growing number of stellar shows, to marvel at in the caravan or from afar.

plan B (GB)
My Home is my Castle

British artist group plan B has grown into a little family with a baby. Under the motto “My Home is my Castle”, they invite Styrians to their mobile home for “English Tea-Time”, exploring in turn the hospitality and customs of the region. Documented with a hidden camera, visitors will be involved in a surprising game situation and asked into the caravan. At the CAMPSHOW it will evolve whether plan b succeed in getting invited into their visitors’ private homes in return. The result will be a cinematic guessing-game of perspectives, of private and public space, reality and fiction.

Theater im Bahnhof (A)
Grapes of Wrath

Based on John Steinbeck’s novel “Grapes of Wrath”, in which impoverished farm workers in Oklahoma cannot make a living and set out for the promised land, Theater im Bahnhof embarks on a journey around Styria. The subject of Capitalist exploitation of individuals without rights is transposed to a Styrian setting between apple, pumpkin and wine harvest and surrounding shopping centres. What gradually evolves, in co-operation with the local population, is a self-contained story that will be shown at the CAMPSHOW and as a booklet.

CAMPSHOW Steiermark - final weekend

Project sponsor ÖAMTC

CAMPSHOW Steiermark

from Sat 23/09 till Sun 15/10

Base camp at the Festval centre

Festival centre Künstlerhaus
CHEAP Vaginal Davis (USA/D), Club Real (A/D), Doris Dziersk (D), Benjamin Förster-Baldenius (D), plan B (GB), Theater im Bahnhof (A) et al.

Concept and curated by
Haiko Pfost (D)
in collaboration with
Club Real (A/D)

Vaginal Davis

Club Real

Theater im Bahnhof