Leitmotifs: control, participation, collaboration and open sources

The coils of a serpent are even more complex than the burrows of a molehill. (Gilles Deleuze)
steirischer herbst

Dictionary of War

From ABC weapons to civilian population, from parachute invasion to facts on the ground, from potato to collateral damage, from homesickness to resistance: Dictionary of War is a collaborative platform for creating 100 concepts on the subject of war.


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Bank für Kärnten und Steiermark
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Mitglied der Österreichischen Wirtschaftskammer

Legal regulations
Gesetz über Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbHG) and Gewerbeordnung http://www.ris.bka.gv.at/
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steirischer herbst festival gmbh / Sackstraße 17 / 8010 Graz / Austria

Object of the Company
To plan and carry out cultural events in the context of steirischer herbst, to manage companies of the same or similar nature, and to participate in such companies or in companies affiliated or subordinate to the Company, if required by the object of the Company.

Mag. Veronica Kaup-Hasler

Supervisory Board
Dr. Heinz Wietrzyk, DI Hermann Eisenköck, Dr. Monika Isola, Dr. Peter Nebel, Dr. Wolfgang Riedler, Werner Miedl

Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz

Basic orientation
To provide information to visitors, individuals interested in steirischer herbst and all those interested in contemporary art. steirischer herbst is the oldest multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art in Europe.