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Dictionary of War

From ABC weapons to civilian population, from parachute invasion to facts on the ground, from potato to collateral damage, from homesickness to resistance: Dictionary of War is a collaborative platform for creating 100 concepts on the subject of war.

festival center
musikprotokoll from steirischer herbst

From the beginning, musikprotokoll has been inseparably linked to steirischer herbst, hitting and documenting the tone of the time year in, year out: between grand orchestra and open-source based computer network, this year again it is presenting the wide diversity of modern music, its sounds, its media and tools, but also its possibilities and intentions - solidarity, sensitivity and knowledge. What do we expect of art and music today? Leadership? Autonomy? A magic retreat or a sky falling on our heads, as in Georg Nussbaumer's opening work for steirischer herbst?

With a focus on installation-based and performance-based approaches in music, musikprotokoll runs like a red thread through the entire festival this year, confronting the audience, artists and itself with different forms of expression, media and topics.

Georg Nussbaumer (A)
Gravitational field with air impressions
Thu 21/09 & Fri 22/09, 19.30

Verdensteatret (N)
Concert for Greenland
Sat 23/09, Sun 24/09, Sat 07/10, 19.30 & Fri 06/10, 21.00
Dom im Berg


Double Feature
Series of current electronic music concerts

Tue 26/09, 20.30
Terminalbeach (Pure (A) / Erich Berger (A/FIN))
Festival centre

Tue 03/10, 20.30
Zbigniew Karkowski (P/NIP) / Helmut Schäfer (A)   
Festival centre
Fri 06/10, 22.30
Carl Michael von Hausswolff (S) / Mika Vainio (D/FIN)
Dom im Berg   

Tue 10/10, 20.30
Joe Colley (USA) / Marcus Schmickler (D)
Festival centre


Klaus Lang (A)
for grand orchestra and spatial installation
Thu 05/10, 19.30 & 21.00
Fri 06/10, 19.30

Georg Friedrich Haas (A)
Three love poems for six voices after texts by August Stramm (2005)
Solo for viola díAmore (2000)
... for viola and six voices (2005)
Sat 07/10, 19.30
Aula der Alten Universität

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (A/YV)
We are not in Kansas anymore for electronic Quartet /
New work for acoustic and electronic instruments /
transfuga - a francis burt for electronic ensemble (2006)
Sat 07/10, 21.00
Aula der Alten Universität


Francisco López (E)
untitled 10/2006
Sat 07/10, 22.30
Saal Steiermark

Erin Gee (A/USA)

Mouthpiece IX
Joanna Wozny (A/PL)
Dai Fujikura (GB/J)
Stream State (2005)
George Benjamin (GB)
Dance Figures
Sun 08/10, 19.30

Francisco López (E)
untitled 10/2006-2
Sun 08/10, 23.00


Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (A/YV)
trilogia_caraqueña_1.5: cuando hablabas te oia en stereo /
[caracas_trilogie_1.5: when you spoke, I heard you in stereo]
Sun 8/10, 21.00
Foyer, Helmut-List-Halle

Klangwege 2006 - final concert
Fri 13/10, 19.30

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