steirischer herbst
Writing Acts
A collaborative writing and performance project
35% Performance
15% Visual Arts
10% Music
40% Literature

Again and again, particularly in the history of steirischer herbst, literature has been influenced by other arts, by performance, visual art, music. In collaborations, artists working in various media take part in the dissolving of the classical concept of oeuvre.
In recent years, this mutual intercommunication seems to have stalled: many authors have taken refuge behind their desks, literary impulses have lost their meaning for other art forms.
At the same time, the relationship between performance and literature has remained in continual change: performers who write themselves, performing writers, performative writing and the performance itself as text. What role, then, does the author play these days if everyone is their own author anyway and the concepts of 'text' and 'author', as regarded by cultural sciences, mean everything and nothing? The relations between the media are constantly in need of reassessment.
For this reason, this endeavour drew writers, stage directors, composers, performers and visual artists into a mutually influenced research and production project. In the course of several work meetings, positions were taken and discussed, the function of text in performative processes was examined and its alteration through translation into images and sound was questioned. The focus was on possibilities of collaboration, of joint authorship, and the productive, necessary demarcation of the individual media.
The preliminary results of these meetings will be presented as performances and installations at steirischer herbst and later supplemented by a documentation.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & uniT
The project by EMT and John Birke is co-produced by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt

Fr 06/10, 19.30
Sa 07/10, 19.30

Theater im Bahnhof
By and with
Claudia Bosse (A),
Robert Woelfl (A), author

David Weber-Krebs (NL), director
Alexander Schellow (D), artist, stage designer
Monika Rinck (D), author

EMT (Oliver Augst,
Marcel Daemgen,
Michaela Ehinger) (D), composers, performers
John Birke (D), author

LIGNA (Ole Frahm,
Michael Hüners,
Torsten Michaelsen) (D), radio artists,
media theorists,
Bernadette Schiefer (A), author

Artistic directors
Edith Draxl (A) &
Haiko Pfost (D)