05/10/2006 – Klaus Lang: fichten
06/10/2006 – Writing Acts
13 + 14/10/2006 – Dictionary of War
15/10/2006 – CAMPSHOW Styria: Sleep-In and the finale
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Around 200 journalists were accredited. The résumé drawn by the media can be found
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Richard Maxwell and The N.Y.C. Players (USA)
The End Of Reality
Theater im Palais

control, participation, collaboration
and open sources
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von Tim Etchells, Constantin Luser, Milena Markovic & Rosa Pock
Randnotizen : 19/10/2006 : Constantin Luser : Steppe 7

The steirische herbst festvial 2006 ended on 15/10. More than 46.000 people visited 280 events on 25 festival-days. Over 500 artists, theorists and other participants were involved. We are particularly pleased about the stage production and concert audience level of around 95%.

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