steirischer herbst
the year of (A)
Slow Days
Concert and party for the opening of steirischer herbst 2006
50% Music
50% Party

Electro goes Pop: heart-warming and a bit sentimental - that's music by "the year of", a new group comprising, among others, Vienna scene celebrities Bernhard Fleischmann and Christof Kurzmann. And so this year's steirischer herbst opening party will be accompanied by remote clarinets, melodious guitars, gentle voices and melancholy electronics; songs in Cinemascope, far and near, compact and open.

Th 21/09, 22.00

Followed by DJs
Bernhard Fleischmann (A) & Christof Kurzmann (A)

Admission free

Bernhard Fleischmann

Christof Kurzmann